Sushi Oishii in Kharkiv

OiShii, photo
Chilled salmon
Red caviar
Philadelphia cheese
Weight: 55 gram
Pieces: 1 pcs.
105 UAH

There are many dishes in the Japanese menu, for preparation of that fish and marine products are used. Sushi history of that counts already a few centuries are most known among them. Basic types of this national food – nigiri (slice of fish on the piece of rice) and gunkans (toy-ships, wrapped in a nori with filling from rice, marine products, sauces).

Today on recipes Japanese sushi masters the delicious are created, useful and nourishing delicacies in many countries. Sent the Asian dishes are liked and to Ukrainians, many of that decide to order sushi and rolls from home delivery or in an office (it is cheap quickly).

Sushi Icons in Kharkiv saves culinary traditions of the land of the rising sun. And yet our cooks experiment constantly, that allows to create delicious and inexpensive novelties to them for veritable gourmets. A dish became one of such original inventions under the name «OiShii».

Features of sushi of OiShii 

There is a word in Japan «OiShii» use in those cases, when want to express gratitude to the cook to say that meal delicious. To know what OiShii in execution Sushi Icons and how many a piece costs, and also ordering a dish for a sample is possible in our online-catalog. 

Outwardly, this sushi reminds gunkans. However, they have the feature: filling turns around the thin piece of fish, and already after – by the stroke of water-plants of nori. In the complement of OiShii enter:

  • chilled salmon;
  • red caviar;
  • cheese Philadelphia;
  • rice;
  • nori.

Taking into account these ingredients and that weight of one piece ensues very little more, what at standard gunkans, the cost of OiShii is some higher. 

How to buy unusual sushi from Sushi Icons?

The various menu of Sushi Icons allows to the people with different preferences to open for itself new tastes of the Japanese kitchen. Accessible cost of dishes, exceptionally fresh produces and pleasant terms of collaboration here for what permanent clients value our company from Kharkiv.

You can buy for us inexpensively sushi and rolls, fish donuts and lettuces, sashimi and sushi cakes and in addition to order favorite drinks on subzero prices. How many every position costs, it is indicated on a web-site. It is here possible quickly to do an order on-line or to call by phone and to arrange about home delivery or in an office to set time. 

Getting delivery free of charge is possible in case that the total worth of order exceeded 400 hryvnias. Cheap a purchase will treat for those, who chose self-delivery (minus of 10%), and also for persons (minus of 10%, at self-delivery – minus of 20%) celebrating his the name-day.