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SUSHI ICONS - sushi delivery in Kharkiv a new level
With us only special people who value taste, exclusivity and of course quality the most. Join our club and get an individual card that will allow you to enjoy the privileges of Sushi Icons:

- the ability to regularly receive bonuses and discounts
- the opportunity to attend free workshops on cooking Japanese dishes from our & nbsp; chef & nbsp;
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We traveled a lot moved and improved technique and experience of the best masters in the world.
Accuracy, painstaking, and great experience allows our masters to cook Your favorite foods fast and high quality.
Once you have tasted our dishes, you will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure and taste them again and again.
Sushi Icons uses the most fresh products from leading companies in Ukraine.
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Sushi Icons - fast sushi delivery in Kharkov with love for customers

Sushi is a fashion trend and there are a lot of Japanese restaurants, so ordering sushi at home in Kharkov is very simple. It is difficult to choose the best of such a variety. SUSHI ICONS is a delivery service that claims to be the best delivery.

We offer to order sushi delivered to your home on the website Sushi Icons - we buy ingredients from leading European manufacturers, we follow strict rules for storage, processing and transportation, which ensures the preservation of all the useful properties and appearance of the product.

The sushi home delivery service presents a wide assortment of Japanese dishes, taking into account the needs of amateurs and gourmets, as well as those who first decided to try the unusual for us cuisine. The menu has low- and high-calorie rolls, delicious food for vegetarians, diet sashimi, salads, donuts, etc. We recommend ordering sushi in Kharkov on the site based on the following features and advantages of online sushi bar:

In Sushi Icons you can buy sushi delivered to your home or pick up an order yourself at st. Vernadsky, 20. Pickup has its advantages. Free order of sushi at home is paid at full price for food, and at pickup - 10% discount on the entire range, which allows you to buy sushi in Kharkov price, which corresponds to the quality, as well as the opportunity to see the process of cooking in the open kitchen of the institution.

Sushi in Kharkov with free delivery is in demand among office workers, while preparing romantic dates, family get-togethers and holidays, friendly meetings, corporate events, on March 8, Valentine's Day, birthday. Many people decide to order home delivery of sushi to pamper themselves and their loved ones with their favorite food or try something exotic and beautifully designed. On our site you can order sushi with free shipping to anywhere in the city. Free sushi delivery (Kharkiv), order prices from 400 UAH and above. Therefore, if you are tired after work and have no strength at all to prepare dinner, choose a dish, wait for the courier and relax after a hard day’s work.

In Sushi, Icons appreciate the customer and therefore are cooked with lots of tasty stuffing.

Do not save on such essential ingredients as wasabi, sauce, pickled ginger. By making a sushi order with delivery in Kharkov on our website, you will get the perfect ratio of rice, fish, caviar and other ingredients that are traditionally used in Japan. In the office, the order and delivery of sushi quickly (Kharkiv) is executed and paid in the most convenient way.

All ingredients, including exotic ingredients, are supplied in a quality form and comply with the requirements of international food standards. The process of making sushi to order at home (Kharkiv) is strictly controlled, products of inadequate quality are immediately written off. We work so that you can order sushi online at any time and enjoy the food of exceptional freshness.

We give the opportunity not only to receive sushi in Kharkiv with free delivery to your home, but also to save on the purchase of your favorite dishes in the future. Our offers: