Green Dragon in Kharkiv

Roll green dragon, photo
Roll green dragon
Roasted eel
Japanese mayonnaise
Weight: 280 gram
Pieces: 8 pcs.
375 UAH
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Heard news that dragons appeared in Kharkiv? They can find oneself for you at home or even in an office. But do not be frightened! Fairy-tale fire-spitting monsters are here for anything. The point is that in the menu of Sushi Icons quickly roll collects popularity under the name «Green dragon». To order on-line to know an unusual delicacy, which he is to the taste, you can right now.

Features «Green dragon»

For Japaneses, the special attitude is toward dragons: they are honored as strong and noble mythical creatures. Therefore, not surprising, that in The land of the rising sun in honor dragons conduct festivals, give the name to public establishments and national dishes. This tradition did not go round a side and well-known in the whole world sushi.

By the personal touch of rolls «Dragon» a presence is considered in their composition of eel. This fish evens outwardly remind the personage of Japanese folklore: the same snake-like body and intimidating sharp dog-teeth. To the word, at price a marine product treats not cheap, and some dragons in Japan are considered not only mighty but also very solvent creatures, what did them the symbols of riches.

In rolls «Green dragon» from Sushi Icons there is a full set of delicious and nourishing ingredients:

  • rice cooked in a special way;
  • the water-plants of nori come forward as a shell of filling;
  • eel that is preliminarily fried;
  • caviar of volatile fish Tobiko – her color gives a brightness I guard and reminds about a fiery element;
  • Japanese mayonnaise adds piquancy;
  • an avocado, thinly cut and put over every piece, explains why a dragon is exactly green.

In our menu, other rolls from this series. We suggest buying and try them all. How many every variant costs, look in an online-catalog. Wasabi is added free of charge, ginger and soy-bean sauce.

Advantages of Sushi Icons

When you decided to assemble a building friend and arrange the evening of the Japanese kitchen, ring in Sushi Icons. Our cooks will help quickly and main inexpensively to incarnate plan, and couriers will deliver a delicious meal at the appointed time.

We use fresh produces, correctly we combine ingredients, to obtain the best taste of dishes. They in our menu are presented quite a bit: sushi, rolls, futomaki, sushi cakes, sashimi, lettuces and other great deal on moderate prices. Next to every position, a cost and composition are indicated.

To take away independently a commodity from the points of self-delivery in Kharkiv or to take advantage of services of delivery – to decide to you. In first case, you will get a discount of 10% on all order. If a cost exceeds 400 hryvnias, then delivery to your home or in an office will treat free of charge.

Cheap can buy pleasing delicacies persons celebrating his the name-day. For them discounts operate in 10%, plus yet 10% at self-delivery.