Red Dragon in Kharkiv

Roll Red Dragon, photo
Roll Red Dragon
Seaweed Chuka
Chilled salmon
Roasted eel
Japanese mayonnaise
Weight: 290 gram
Pieces: 8 pcs.
435 UAH
Roll Red Dragon

In the Japanese culture dragons were always in honor. It is considered that through worship to this mighty mythological creature it is possible to conquer his location and attract success. Methods to express the respect very much. Cooks, for example, name the best dishes after dragons. This tradition did not go round by a side and popular in the whole world sushi.

Canonical recipe of roll "Dragon" not. Every establishment has the secrets of preparation of this dish. In a menu Sushi Icons is presented at once a few variations that differ on ingredients and at price. One of the most popular variants roll "Red dragon".

Why "Dragon" red?

By the feature of rolls "Red dragon", that can be ordered on our web-site with delivery on all Kharkiv, there are at once a few types of fish. From above every piece is covered by the slice of the chilled salmon. For this reason in the name and a red color appears. Inwardly as filling come forward:

  • fried eel;
  • water-plants of chukka;
  • Japanese mayonnaise;
  • caviar of volatile fish Tobiko.

All of it is wrapped in the sheet of nori and layer of the rice cooked in a special way.

Такой harmonious composition gives an inexpensive dish excellent taste and does him nourishing. About useful qualities of marine products it knows to each. It and омега-3-polyunsaturated fat acids so necessary to our organism, and vitamin of D, phosphorus and potassium, useful to the muscles and bones. Besides fish is rich in squirrel and minerals, and the substances contained in a salmon are able also to slow aging processes.

By the way, this fish is used not only in "Red dragon", but also in other rolls, that inexpensively can be bought at Sushi Icons. To know, how many such delicacies cost, choose corresponding position in a catalog.

Pluses of order are in Sushi Icons

We value high quality of products and responsible going near preparation of every dish. We suggest estimating professionalism of our Sushi masters to you and order interesting positions from menu. In an assortment of classic sushi and traditional sashimi, so original rolls, sushi cakes and other great deal. In addition to it  is possible to buy drinks, and for a large company an advantageous variant sets will become on democratic prices.

How many delivery costs, depends on that, in what district of Kharkiv coming to leave to the couriers. Order from 400 hryvnias and higher will be delivered free of charge. Self-delivery is possible; thus you will get a discount in 10%.