Salads in Lviv

Chuka salad, photo
Chuka salad
Seaweed Chuka
Peanut sauce
Weight: 150 gram
155 UAH
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Tartar fresh, photo
Tartar fresh
Chilled salmon
Japanese mayonnaise
Green onion
Weight: 190 gram
335 UAH
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Salmon tartare, photo
Salmon tartare
Ground pepper
Chilled salmon
Olive oil
Weight: 210 gram
340 UAH
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Tartar mix, photo
Tartar mix
Oyster sauce
Chilled salmon
Cherry tomatoes
Mustard french
Basil green
Weight: 200 gram
345 UAH
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Tuna tartar, photo
Tuna tartar
Oyster sauce
Caviar from marine algae Laminaria
Weight: 240 gram
345 UAH
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Menu in the restaurant of the Japanese kitchen does not close on a sushi, rolls and other usual for us dishes with fish and water-plants. The Greater part of Japanese гастрокультуры lettuces that strike by it are considered by an unusual kind and by the variety of the used ingredients.

From what does prepare Japanese lettuces?

For preparation of lettuces use raw fish, water-plants and marine products super. Classic form of such dish – neat circle, that distinguishes him among other positions in a menu.

Lettuces are in Sushi Icons — it is delicious and useful:

  • rich in squirrel, vitamins and useful fat acids' composition;
  • unusual taste combinations;
  • high quality of preparation without overstating of price.

If it does not know that to order as a snack, it will buy brand name lettuce in Sushi Icons. We will deliver him quickly in any point of Lviv, and if the sum of your online-order will reach a to 400 hrn, we will do it free of charge.

How many does delivery cost in Sushi Icons?

Arrival of order needs to be expected in 60-90 minutes since you ordered on-line pleasing dish. You can know, how much will cost delivery to your address on our interactive map – the cost of delivery on Lviv depends on the remoteness of the indicated address from the restaurant of Sushi Icons. If the cost of your order exceeds a 400 hrn, we deliver not only quickly but also free of charge.

Also, the discount of 10% operates from the cost of ordering from self-delivery.

Actions and bonus programs operate in our restaurant. Persons celebrating his the name-day can buy favorite dishes with the discount of 10% during a week after a birthday.

All clients doing even one order on a web-site get 5% cashback at every subsequent. Since the lump sum of orders exceeds a 1000 hrn, cashback increases to 10%, after a 10000 hrn – to 15%. It is possible to pay to a bonus account 50% of subsequent orders.