Rolls Red Dragon in Lviv

Roll Red Dragon, photo
Roll Red Dragon
Seaweed Chuka
Chilled salmon
Roasted eel
Japanese mayonnaise
Weight: 290 gram
Pieces: 8 pcs.
435 UAH
Roll Red Dragon

In the list of popular rolls with a salmon, the special place occupies dainties with the intriguing name"Red Dragon". Original appearance and special taste descriptions did this kind popular among the admirers of the Japanese kitchen in the whole world.

Rolls "Red Dragon" have a unique taste and original composition, and are considered one of the elite dishes. In the network of the Japanese restaurants of Sushi Icons due to the special terms classic portion from 8 rolls it is possible to get at special price.

Roll "Red Dragon": composition and sparkle

In composition classic ролла under the name "Red Dragon" that can be ordered in the most Japanese restaurants premium of class, present:

  • water-plants of Chuka;
  • fresh salmon;
  • pieces of the fried eel;
  • Japanese mayonnaise;
  • caviar of Tobiko.

The basis of rolls is made by the tucked in boiled rice and nori. For strengthening of taste qualities portion it is recommended to complement a soy-bean sauce classic or by the piece of the pickled ginger, due to that a dish will get the completed taste.

Sushi Icons in Lviv: how many pleasure costs

The feature of the work of network of the classic Japanese restaurants of Sushi Icons is the bonus system of discounts due to that popular sweets (sushi, sashimi, salads, donuts and other delicious dishes) can be bought inexpensively. How many delivery costs to indicated address and final cost of purchase taking into account discounts it is possible to see at processing order.

Any dish from menu accessible to the clients from Lviv, it is possible to order from delivery from a 1 portion in an office or on a house.

We value time of client and work on quality of result: our cooks begin preparation of rolls right after the receipt of order, and delivery of dish in any point of city comes true during 90 minutes.

For those clients, who can take away a meal on a kitchen, special offer operates: instantaneous discount in size of 10% from the blanket price of purchase. A discount for persons celebrating his the name-day allows inexpensively to finish celebrating the holiday with the delicious Japanese dishes from Sushi Icons to all Lviv and guests of city.