Salads in Dnepr

Chuka salad, photo
Chuka salad
Seaweed Chuka
Peanut sauce
Weight: 150 gram
135 грн
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Salmon tartare, photo
Salmon tartare
Ground pepper
Chilled salmon
Olive oil
Weight: 200 gram
315 грн
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Tartar fresh, photo
Tartar fresh
Chilled salmon
Japanese mayonnaise
Green onion
Tobiko Caviar Flying fish
Weight: 190 gram
315 грн
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Tartar mix, photo
Tartar mix
Oyster sauce
Chilled salmon
Cherry tomatoes
Mustard french
Basil green
Weight: 190 gram
325 грн
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Tuna tartar, photo
Tuna tartar
Oyster sauce
Caviar from marine algae Laminaria
Weight: 220 gram
335 грн
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Delivery of lettuces is Dnepr

At a desire deliciously and quickly to bite the admirers of Japanese cookery choose lettuces in menus a favorite. Ordering delivery of dish is possible on a house and in the office located in any district of Dnepr. The indicated address a courier will arrive during 60-90 minutes, settling up with that is possible available and cashless payments, translation through service of WAYFORPAY QR.

Lettuces on an order: filling and useful suggestions from menu

Chuka is beautiful lettuce well well-known to the gourmets. In his basis are water-plants with a pleasant aroma, that are characterized the harmonious taste, saturated by a malachite color, tender and soft structure. A delicacy destroys toxins, removes edemata, reduces the risk of diseases. He is served up under the guise of the independent treating, combine with rolls and sushi, by soups, gunkans. Chukas is decorating the fried seed of sesame, and refuel a piquant nut sauce, juice of lemon, rice vinegar.

It is been of interest and original fish tartars, technology of preparation of that supposes the use of the ground up filet of salmon, caviar of tobiko and masago, tuna, oysters. To balance the taste of products addition of seasonings is envisaged in recipes - French mustard, leaves of basil, mayonnaise, salt, pepper of chili, honey, and also different vegetables. Readies to serve dish correspond to conception of kitchen of "fusion" - they look aesthetically beautifully, make happy by colorful registration. Tartars give in the center of flat plates of large-break.

Advantages of order are in a restaurant

The network of restaurants gives access to the admirers of the Japanese kitchen to next advantages:

Guarantee of freshness

Key task of head-cook, that prepares on the kitchen of SUSHI ICONS, consists of maintenance of primary properties of products. Ingredients are cut in a fresh kind, or expose to insignificant heat treatment. The special attention is spared to quality of components - for lettuces use exceptionally natural marine products, vegetables and seasonings that satiate an organism energy, fill in the deficit of microelements, minerals, fat acids. Pack lettuces in the impermeable boxing.

Cost effectiveness

At the use of service of self-delivery the discount of 10% is envisaged. The special terms operate for the proprietors of bonus club maps, persons celebrating his the name-day.

Free delivery

Ordering in a menu lettuces, various adding to them, and also brandname drinks on a sum from 400 hryvnias, customers get free delivery in a gift.

The employees of SUSHI ICONS are always ready to go on meeting. They will help with the decision of formal questions, will tell about possibility of delivery of meal in extracurricular time.

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Ролл Pepper
Weight: 340 gram
Pieces: 8 pcs.
Quantity: 1 pcs.
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