Salads in Dnepr

Chuka salad, photo
Chuka salad
Seaweed Chuka
Peanut sauce
Weight: 150 gram
155 грн
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Tartar fresh, photo
Tartar fresh
Chilled salmon
Japanese mayonnaise
Green onion
Tobiko Caviar Flying fish
Weight: 190 gram
335 грн
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Salmon tartare, photo
Salmon tartare
Ground pepper
Chilled salmon
Olive oil
Weight: 210 gram
340 грн
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Tartar mix, photo
Tartar mix
Oyster sauce
Chilled salmon
Cherry tomatoes
Mustard french
Basil green
Weight: 200 gram
345 грн
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Tuna tartar, photo
Tuna tartar
Oyster sauce
Caviar from marine algae Laminaria
Weight: 240 gram
345 грн
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In spite of plenty of varieties and tastes, many lovers of the Japanese dishes simple rolls and sushi seem to a banal meal. Assortment of lettuces that is often ordered by the visitors of restaurants, menus allow not only to diversify: beautiful and appetizing dishes will become the decoration of table easily.

Japanese lettuces: kinds and basic differences

For certain to say, what original and delicious Japanese lettuces are, - by advantageous addition or independent dish - not a single connoisseur of the Asian kitchen will undertake today.

The most widespread varieties of these dishes are chuka and tartars. The first are appetizing "nests" from water-plants and priming, and second - the traditional reminder one and multi-layered lettuces, ingredients in that are a salmon, tuna, caviar of volatile fish, avocado, fresh cucumbers and kelp. As priming for чука use a nut sauce. Tartars prepare with an oyster sauce, honey, mustard, Japanese mayonnaise.

"Sushi Icons" are in Dnepr

To all habitants of Dnepr, that think of that, how (and where) to order and buy the real Japanese lettuce, we suggest to pay attention to on-line-service of "Sushi Icons". The comfortable form of order allows to see the weight of lettuce and his composition, quickly to estimate original appearance to know, how many portion of dainties costs.

In advantages of collaboration from "Sushi Icons" it is been:

  1. Quality of ingredients. For preparation of lettuces fresh and quality fish, vegetables, water-plants, marine products and priming, is used. It, and mastery of cooks, allow passing taste of the original Japanese sweets.
  2. Timely delivery. Our couriers are able to work quickly, and time of expectation of dishes does not exceed 90 minutes.
  3. System of bonuses. Permanent clients have the opportunity to economize the to 15% cost of dishes from 5.
  4. Delivery free of charge. Services of courier, delivering orders the cost of that exceeds the set minimum, paid by establishment.
  5. Self-delivery. To order and buy lettuces it is possible straight on a kitchen. Taking away a meal there, all visitors of "Sushi Icons" save 10% costs, and yet, expecting, it is possible to watch the process of preparation on-line.

Persons celebrating his the name-day can take advantage of the special action offering : according to politics of the company a 10% menu treats free of charge for them. To know, how many deliveries of portion cost of that the below fixed minimum costs, and also to set any questions to the managers it is possible by phone.