Red Dragon in Dnepr

Roll Red Dragon, photo
Roll Red Dragon
Seaweed Chuka
Chilled salmon
Roasted eel
Japanese mayonnaise
Weight: 290 gram
Pieces: 8 pcs.
405 UAH
Roll Red Dragon

Mythological creatures – dragons – known in many cultures of the world. Japanese dragons – rather benefactors, then villains. They are bound to by emperor's birth, consider that these serpents bring success and riches.

Therefore, not surprising, that in honor dragons in Country of an ascending sun name the classic dishes of national kitchen. Today, inexpensively trying such delicacies is possible not only in Japan. Sushi Icons in Dnepr suggests tasting one of the popular rolls in "draconian" series – "Red dragon". This balanced combination of a few types of fish of high quality with other obligatory ingredients of rolls: by rice and water-plants of nori.

Features "Red dragon"

Classic "Dragons" at the price, usually not the cheapest rolls, because there is an eel in their composition. How many such fish costs, depends on her habitat. Mostly for a sushi, choose marine representatives. Outwardly, an eel reminds the snake (the same long body and pointed teeth) – from here connection with dragons. Meat of eel nourishing, in him high maintenance of vitamins of Е, And, D, and also groups In, much and other useful elements. All of it does fish, a dietary product.

Except an eel, in "Red dragon", that can be ordered on our web-site, I am yet chilled salmon. It adds to the delicious dish of not only color but also useful qualities. Also in composition roll:

  • water-plants of chuka;
  • Japanese mayonnaise;
  • caviar of volatile fish Tobiko;
  • boiled rice;
  • nori.

To such appetizing dragon portion of soy-bean sauce and pickled ginger relies on in the complete set of delivery. Additionally, you can order interesting fish lettuces, to try original donuts and buy drinks from our menu.

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