Chuka salad in Kharkiv

Chuka salad in Kharkiv, photo
150 gram
155 hryvnia

Seaweed Chuka

Peanut sauce

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Cherry juice 0.5L, photo
Cherry juice 0.5L
35 грн
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Karpatska Dzherelna 0.5L sparkling water, photo
Karpatska Dzherelna 0.5L sparkling water
40 грн
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Water, photo
40 грн
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Orange juice 0.5L, photo
Orange juice 0.5L
35 грн
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Pepsi 0.33L Mango, photo
Pepsi 0.33L Mango
25 грн
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Multivitamin juice 0.5L, photo
Multivitamin juice 0.5L
35 грн
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Tomato juice 0.5L, photo
Tomato juice 0.5L
35 грн
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Apple juice 0.5L, photo
Apple juice 0.5L
35 грн
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Pepsi 0.33L, photo
Pepsi 0.33L
30 грн
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Inari with chuka seaweed, photo
Inari with chuka seaweed
Peanut sauce
Seaweed Chuka
Cheese Inari
Weight: 50 gram
Pieces: 1 pcs.
45 грн
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Set for a big company, photo
Set for a big company
Gunkan tuna (3 pcs.)
Roll Philadelphia
Gunkan eel (3 pcs.)
Gunkan salmon (3 pcs.)
Maki Roll with Cucumber
Maki Roll with salmon
California roll with tuna in caviar
California roll with salmon in sesame
Roll in eel
Salad Chuka
Roll with tiger shrimp
Weight: 2135 gram
Pieces: 62 pcs.
1,895 грн
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